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Ignite Positive Changes LLC

Buisness-Minded, People Focused Human Resource Consulting Service

We are an HR Business support organization. We help small businesses by managing their HR compliance, supporting leadership development, and helping with conflict resolution.

We support the leadership with our HR knowledge so that you can focus on growing your organization without the concern of not meeting the HR requirements for state and federal guidelines.

Our goal is to have positive influence with each business and human interaction because we are Human Resources.

Supporting you and your organization so that you can ignite positive changes.

HR Business Consulting

HR Generalist Support

Policy and procedure assistance

Digital employee manuals

Leadership Development and Support

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We are always looking for Staff to provide a wide range of services for our clients.  Please click below to view our Current available jobs or additional services we provide.


Alayna is an HR and Business Consultant. She has been in HR, Training Development, Leadership, and efficiency expert positions for the last 19 years all over the northwest including Eugene and Portland Metro area.  She has worked with executives, front line employees, and middle management. 


Some of these roles included working with underperforming stores to help them get up to standards, working with organizations who had grown fast in a short period of time and needed extra support and direction on firming up their HR procedures and culture, and working with teams that were struggling with HR barriers, to help them create a culture of positivity and support.  


In these leadership roles, she has supervised from 10 to 4500 employees and has a deep understanding of how to navigate the leadership roles no matter the number of employees you have or the current situation you are faced with.

She has a BS from Eastern Oregon University in Integrated Studies with a minor in Psychology and Business.

She and her husband Brandon own the Herringbone bookstore in Redmond Oregon. She works with small businesses and non-profits. We want small businesses to be able to have the expertise of an HR professional without the high expense.  This HR Support allows you to focus on your business growth.